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Osone Meaning Map(OMM)

The Representation of Knowledge is an important area of Artificial Intelligence.
Osone Meaning Map (OMM) is the ontology proposed by Osone that allows to represent the Real World through the relationship of entities and concepts according to the interpretation of each agent involved in the reality represented.
In a very simple and easy-to-understand way OMM allows you to create Meaning Maps that remain independent of the data until you are asked for some processing task to the system.

These simple tasks implemented by Osone put in the hands of any user powerful algorithms that scrutinize the data in order to obtain valuable answers, according to the requirements of each situation.

How it work?

User Friendly

Anyone with elementary knowledge in programming can easily understand how Osone works; It is not necessary to be an expert or a data scientist.

It is only necessary that you have a certain understanding about the domain of your problem, as well as the nature of the data you handle.

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Create an Agent

Once you access Osone your first Agent will be created automatically, which you will easily give shape to in the following steps.

Osone offers you an Agent and up to 10,000 Api´s calls per month, totally free, without the need of credit cards or any payment.

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Osone Meaning Map

Once the agent is created you are ready to start using Osone. The first thing to do is define the Osone Meaning Map (OMM) related to the domain of your application.

OMM basically requires a declaration of "Entities" that define the nature of the data to be processed, as well as the possible "States" that such entities could take. The states determine a possible interpretation of the data related to a certain context.

Osone Meaning Map

Linking the Data

The next thing is to tell Osone where to find the data that you are interested in be processed, in addition to associating them with the entities defined in Osone Meaning Map. OMM is a map that defines a logic separated from the data of your application, so Osone never intervenes or affects the structures of these. You can use Osone as a complement to any running application without affecting anything on it.


Process tasks

Simple tasks that do very complex things.

Discover any type of hidden relationship in the data, expressed in a grammar understandable to any user; Inference & Forecast are some of the functions of Osone.

The processing tasks that Osone runs are very useful for decision making, communication in natural language, semantic web and any type of application where the possibility of offering the user answers in terms that they understand, and adapted to their context is valued.

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Testing Osone is very easy for anyone with basic programming skills. It does not influence the logic of your application or the data structure that you manage. You do not have to pay anything to start using it either.

In return you would have access to a powerful Processing Core that can provide intelligence to the applications you develop.

Osone turns simple tasks into a universe of formulas and mathematical concepts that otherwise would be very complex to understand.

Osone is a system that in all its processes considers the uncertainty that is inherent in the data where human interpretation plays a fundamental role.

The method used by Osone in the development of its algorithms is the result of advanced research at the academic level of an important international & multidisciplinary group of scientists.

The Osone team works tirelessly to improve every day the quality of its products and the way in which the user connects to them.

Have the desire to apply the most revolutionary in the world of Artificial Intelligence in your applications, or the need to discover valuable information hidden in the data, and understand the domain of the application that you develop.

Osone makes it easy for you, and in a few steps you will be getting amazing answers, very easy to convert to natural language.

Very easy! Contact us and soon we will be dedicated to assist you in whatever you need.

If you are not a programmer, if you are a professional who needs help in processing your data in order to get accurate answers from them, or a manager who needs support in making decisions; Osone will put at your disposal the best team to support you, either in consulting services to assist you in the use of Osone for data analysis, or to develop customized applications for you.

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